Saturday, April 14, 2012

Where I've been...

I searched for signs of my clan for months. Didn't find anything. Not even the smallest clue. I want so desperately to go home. I thought maybe I should retrace my steps. Relive the earlier days of adventuring. Maybe that'd help me find the Cherryhooves.

Maybe I'd learn something.

That place is a mess. Some orc general blew that place right the hell up. Bad news.

It's still really nice there. MAXWELL OF NORTHSHIRE is still running around saving "damsels." Humans are weird.

I avoided the towns, and just wandered the snow. I tried to get Big-Toes to make a snow-kodo, but he just walked away.

Found a book in the back of the inn at Hammerfall. It was about Sargeras. It's strange, I know Sargeras was always this big evil guy, but the book says he was nice until he met the Draenei, who were apparently so evil that he went crazy. But why would we be told one thing if the truth was something different?

Stranglethorn Vale:
Trolls, tigers, and...something else that starts with a T. It's way more green than I remember.

It was a pleasant journey, but it lead nowhere. I turned to an old friend.

I went back to Bloodhoof and walked with the spirits. I saw a lot of strange buildings, and colorful plants. Snake-like dragons, and Chen Stormstout. The spirits say these things will be important soon. That old wars would be reigniting.

And that was it - the perfect chance. The Cherryhooves are assassins! If I make myself known on the battlefields, I might be seen.

I might see.

I'll need to stand out...

I still have that tabard I stole from Stormwind.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rest in peace, Jason.

Tonight, I drink kungaloosh for a fallen brother. He will be missed.

-Honrar Cherryhoof


Saturday, November 12, 2011




okay maybe it was Deathwing but so what?

Monday, November 7, 2011


You know what sucks?

Fishing. Fishing sucks.

And Grazzle. He keeps stealing my stuff and hiding it in trees.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Exploring Kalimdor with my trusty kodos Grunty and Big-Toes. They've been stabled up for too long.

Dying sucked. Like, really bad. Left me with some painful scars, and Mahren was really freaked out by it. It made me I really want to die again? What happens the next time? Are my adventures really worth a second death?

I think I'm gonna take it easy for a while. Show Mahren around Feralas or something. Tell her about my family. She should know.

I miss them. I miss being a Cherryhoof. Dying made me remember how badly I want to go home.


I can't quit adventuring. I have to prove that I'm best. I have to go home.

Mahren, I'm sorry. I need this. I hope you understand.